SkyeBrowse launches iOS app for turning video into 3D models

The iOS Alpha with exciting new features is ready and people can request for a demo by visiting

SkyeBrowse, an innovative startup that turns video into 3D models in less than 5 minutes, has announced the launch of its app on iOS.

With a significant portion of drone users and public/private enterprises that need 3D models using iOS, SkyeBrowse has brought to market its Alpha version of the iOS app. The new app “Single-tap Autonomous Flight”, video uploading, and complete control of DJI drones. 

While the app already includes majority features, a key “website upload” feature will be made available in the next update due within two months.

The launch on iOS means that smartphone users of both Android and iOS phone can now simply use their smartphones to control their DJI drones and turn their videos into 3D models very quickly reducing the usual time and effort spent for such purposes. The launch comes right after SkyeBrowse’s participation in the Dubai Future Accelerators program in Dubai where it worked with Dubai Police for 3D models in various scenarios such as car accidents.

The new demo is available now and you can request for a demo by visiting

About SkyeBrowse

SkyeBrowse turns videos into 3D models within less than five minutes (with most models completed within two minutes). SkyeBrowse is the brainchild of multiple research projects at Rutgers University funded by state and federal agencies. The research allowed the founding team to create the IP and foundation of SkyeBrowse. 

Please contact for any further details or for an interview with the CEO, Bobby Ouyang.