Hurricane Dorian: How can we play a role?

3D mapping via drones can increase the efficiency and effectiveness of relief operations

Gaining strength, Hurricane Dorian still remains a threat for the near future. Now a post-tropical cyclone, Dorian hit Halifax on Saturday with winds of 100mph (160km/h) and is due to cross into Newfoundland. Dangerous storm surges are possible in the Atlantic Canada. Until a couple of days ago, about 174,000 homes and businesses were without power in Florida, Georgia and, South Carolina. After the hurricane devastated parts of the Bahamas, the reported death toll was at least 20. Rescue and relief efforts have been underway.

In this time of emergency and disaster, SkyeBrowse is actively discussing how it can help the current situation and provide disaster relief with the relevant authorities. Satellite mapping does not provide real-time high resolution and manned aircrafts are usually too expensive to use, but more importantly, both take too much time during emergency situations.

SkyeBrowse model of microburst in NJ

SkyeBrowse model of microburst in NJ

On the other hand, drones provide huge cost savings and faster response times. Drones can be deployed much quicker, provide higher resolution imagery, and 3D mapping, which is mission critical for quick decision-making in situations where time is of the essence.

After a disaster, it becomes difficult for relief workers to assess structural damage on a micro level - it can also be considerably dangerous to do so in many situations. Relief workers may not be able to tell from afar if a building is on the verge of collapsing. Again, drones can be very efficient and effective in providing the right 3D mapping to understand the environment.


During this period, it is advised for all affected people to avoid low-lying and flood prone areas. We are hopeful that the hurricane will pass through without any further damage to both human life and infrastructure. Meanwhile, SkyeBrowse is providing its platform for disaster relief in the areas already affected and we wish for the safety of everyone involved with Hurricane Dorian.